We work with organisations that put a value on their reputation and want to develop their story for their business to succeed.

We work with the CEOs of corporations to help them develop their 'master narrative' and to position their organisation within the market. We work through the strategic and issues and challenges that companies face and provide context and insights to overcome them successfully.

We create the key messages and develop a strategy to engage with their stakeholder groups including; Media, Government, Investors, Customers, Employees and NGOs. 

We work with senior executive teams to support them deliver their communications. We work with global media organisations such as Bloomberg, Reuters, the BBC, Wall Street Journal and the Financial Times.

Over fifteen years we have delivered this strategic work for some of the worlds great organisations, governments and CEOS of FTSE 100 companies. 

We have three principles.

1. A successful company develops its market position from insights, analytics, research and robust thinking. This fact-based analytical approach provides the context to shape a communications strategy. 

2.  In 2017 successful companies are built on trust, reliability, high standards and, most importantly, the human connection to its customers.

This is why reputation management is critical for financial success.   

3. Successful companies have a clear purpose. To communicate their message clearly they need a master narrative which is delivered consistently to their their stakeholder audience.

Companies that understand these principles and apply them will unlock real value. 

About Jonny Mulligan

Over two decades Jonny Mulligan has worked with and advised some of the worlds leading brands and companies. He translates strategies into stories and is passionate about political economics.

He creates value for companies by aligning their business objectives and the issues they face into one communications strategy.

He believes that successful companies have a clear purpose where people know exactly what they do and they deliver with incredible consistency. 

Experienced in a diverse number of sectors including energy, petrochemicals, construction, real estate, professional services, food, FMCG, automotive, telecoms, technology and government sectors.  

Jonny has advised the C-Suite executives and the board members of multinational and privately owned companies including Sony, Marks & Spencer's, Saudi Aramco, MAG Property Development, GSK, Mubadala with their respective marketing and communications strategies.

He has developed and shaped the corporate communications and political engagement strategies for some of the world’s leading organisations including Unilever, BT, Cleveland Bridge, Microsoft, Toyota Europe, Syngenta, The Law Society (UK) and many others.  

In the United Kingdom he has advised government ministers, members of parliament and members of the House of Lords on policy and specific industry matters.

He has a BA from University of Ulster, a Masters in Political Communication from Dublin City University and is taking his Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from Warwick University in the United Kingdom.