Core Advisory Services

The Martello Advisory core services are strategy, political economy, planning and communications delivery. We focus on identifying the business story and how to tell it in the most effective manner. We work with our clients on their core strategy to ensure it makes sense and takes into account the micro (small) and macro (big) interconnecting factors that will impact their business.   



Planning a strategy on how to grow a client’s market share,  selling more products and services.



Developing a brand (business) momentum strategy with the best marketing and communications tactics.



Aligning the client’s marketing and communications efforts to drive their business vision.

Martello Advisory undertakes business consultancy projects using tools such as ‘balanced Score card’, brand evaluation, market segmentation, positioning, pricing and portfolio planning. 

Based in Dubai and London, Martello assists and advises on entrance of companies into both the Middle-east and European markets. 

How we work

Phase 1: Strategy Analysis

We take a detailed look at our client’s business and revenue development strategy.  

Using the political economy lens and a number of key tools and frameworks we analyse the service offering, product portfolios, the competitive landscape and identify the micro and macro factors that effect the business growth. 

Phase 2: Reputation Momentum

Taking a critical look at the revenue growth potential we identify the most effective marketing and communications direction our client should take. 

We build a brand (business) momentum strategy by aligning a concise  marketing and communications  plan with the revenue goals. 


We develop and deliver very focused marketing and communications strategy with a mix that covers media relations, digital, social media, focused events and all other means to build the brand and increase the market share.

We get the message to your target audience.  


We then focus on building the 'story' and the 'master narrative' which is the core content that will be used across all platforms.  We then identify the best communications mix that will help the business engage positively. 

1. Reputation development & management

Working our clients we help them distinguish themselves from their rivals through developing the companies’ narrative' and story, a key to any successful communications programs

2. Strategic communications planning

Managing resources and prioritising details of the communications cycle around financial calendar, corporate structuring, mergers and acquisitions and other key announcements.

3. Marketing communications

Working with clients' marketing departments to develop the exact 360° integrated marketing communications package with an exact mix of digital, editorial, print and community driven coverage for client’s products and services.

4. Financial Communications

Developing and managing the communications around transactions, M&A and IPOs. 


5. Crisis communications and planning

Crafting a vision for an uncertain future, advising clients and putting the systems in place to manage unforeseen events and circumstances including industrial disputes, corporate controversy, consumer dissatisfaction and other challenging moments.

6. Media training and speech writing

Tailored programmes for media training and support in speech and presentation development for C-suite executives and managers. 

7. Internal communications

Delivering and developing internal communications programs that engage, motivate employees and build the company brand.

8. Media relations management

We offer a full press office service. The day to day engagement with the media all the way to promoting a new product, service, annual report launch or quarterly reporting.


9. Monitoring and analysis of media and coverage

Clarifying the effectiveness of the communications strategy. Our data driven approach to ensure the client is targeting its message to the correct market segment and using the right tools to deliver results

10. Budgeting and financial planning

Working with clients to identify and develop the financial resources required to run a campaign, a yearly marketing communications program or to plan and develop their own in house team. 

11. Executive Training

We work with executives to support them with their presentation skills. This service can either be one on one or in a group format.