The 2007 Iphone was one breakthrough innovation that changed the world forever

But there was so much more from 2007 which the define the world we live in today.

Ten years ago Apple Announced the iPhone, which was not exactly a surprise. It is the most famous but not the most significant breakthrough that changed the world in 2007.

The technologies that came from that year have changed the governing units of the 21st century and redefined economic, social, cultural and political power bases forever.

By early 2007, the Apple fanbase was rampant and rabid. In the run-up to Steve Jobs’ now famous Macworld keynote announcement which in essence changed our concept and understanding of the division between a mobile device and a computer.

In 2007 IBM launched the computer called the cognitive Watson computer and in February 2011 the computer in 2.5 seconds beat two humans on the Jeopardy game show !

2007 was also the year that ’Cloud’ computing the forerunner of ’the internet of everything’ or what we call it today came into existence.

In 2007 three students in San Francisco advertised beds to share for an event they were attending in town. This was when AirBnB was born. This was the opening gun of the ’sharing economy’ enabled by technology and now a part of the global gig economy worth $15 billion today. 

In 2007 Google launched a small software called Android and bought a company called Youtube. Jeff Bezos launched a thing called amazon reader.

In 2007 the internet crossed a line of 1 billion users globally by 2015 this had reached 3.2 billion.

In 2007 fracking took off and solar energy really started making in roads as a realistic source to power homes and business. These seeds of change led to the challenge and drop in the global oil prices in 2013 which is a cycle still going on and rippling through the middle-east economies.

In 2007 Michael Dell, having retired in 2005 went back into the fray which eventually led to him taking Dell private. This started a trend of corporate buy backs which changed the face of wall street.

As Jobs roared “Are you getting it? These are not three separate devices.This is one divice. We are calling it the iPhone”. That roar changed the way we do business interact, the way we communicate and view the world. It essentially changed the way we live.

That computer in everyones hand has come with vast social and economic change. The jobs we do today will not exist for our children tomorrow. The ability to share every experience and look through a unrealistic prism of other peoples lives online has come with vase mental distress and disorders to many.

On the one hand technology has driven innovation and a global pipeline for commerce  across the world. It has also driven migration and the aspiration of people trying to get to a ‘promised land’ in the United States or Europe.

The technology has live streamed abhorrent acts of violence and extremism into every bedroom with an internet connection. It has also led to crowed sourced solutions for cancer and other diseases which have crippled people across the world.

The year of 2008 came too quick and overshadowed all of the developments of 2007. However it is the innovations of 2007 that really impact our world today. We witness it in the changing of the workplace. Jobs being replicated by big data, automation of the workplace. The rise of ‘ fake news' and the election of the politically unpredictable. That is the residue.

Some say that this had led to more chaos and control globally. What it has magnified is the speed with which technology can change the world we live in and world orders who dominate.